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I'm a big believer in giving back, in many ways, I'm a huge fan of the random acts of kindness movement and pay it forward. It just fills my heart with joy

I believe in sharing knowlege because being generous and giving will come back to you in ways that you never even imagined.

When I first started out on the path toward being a professional photographer I couldn't afford training courses and workshops but I really did need them, not just to learn technicalities and improve my skills but to motivate, inspire and build my confidence. As valuable and as worthwhile as the workshops may have been I simply couldn't afford them.

3 years later and I finally can, but I wanted to offer something to people who are currently where I was back then, utterly skint but determined to succeed...

So with the help of some National Lottery funding I've been running free portfolio building workshops for new photographers. I've hosted 2 and have funding left to hold one final workshop day. Beyond that I've been unable to find further funding so I've decided that I'll be continuing to run these days on a pay what you can basis. Some people have told me that I'm being daft and that I could make a lot of money running these days but for me, that's just not what it's about. As long as I have enough money to live comfortably I couldn't care less about how much I earn. After all what does money buy you, just stuff... I get so much more joy and fulfilment from knowing that I've helped someone and I do hope that in the future when they are able to support themselves and their families comfortably earning a living from this thing that they love, they too will pass it on...

Here are a few images from my last 2 workshop for budding wedding photographers



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