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Grace & Hugh's Sheffield Wedding

This is gonna be a long one...

I love these two, they are 2 really good friends and I've known them for YEARS! I can't describe how excited I was to shoot their wedding. Grace has been a friend for almost a decade and has been a frequent model/ muse for both my photography and my painting before I turned to photography as a career. So many WONDERFUL people were involved in this wedding and just scrolling through these images makes my face hurt from smiling.

Graces beautiful dress was crafted by the incredible Kate Beaumont. I got to document this process too and I'll be sharing a blog on that very soon! My studio mates from Jenn Edwards Wedding Hair & Make Up dolled Grace and her girlies up for the day (and night) and Tracey from Campbells Flowers made some super sweet headpieces for the ladies. Grace & Hugh's wedding was a brilliant DIY fest at a really unconventional venue, The Burton Street Project, which is a charity that helps young adults with learning difficulties. Choosing a venue like this is just these two through and through, helpful, caring and just SO much fun.

I may have snuck into a few of these shots myself... see if you can spot me :D

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