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Rachael & Seamus' Botanical Wedding | RHS Wisley

I honestly cant tell you how much I was looking forward to this wedding, all the conversations I'd had with Rachael and Seamus...from the moment they booked me I just knew that this was going to be something special. The location (RHS Garden Wisley: A Gigantic Greenhouse filled with incredible plants) was enough on its own but after meeting these two in person for their engagement shoot and seeing their connection, spirit and love for each other I was even more excited. And then the day came, and so did the rain... bucket loads of the stuff... so much that we couldn't go outside, we couldn't explore these amazing gardens that Rachael & Seamus loved so much... but you know what? It didn't matter. It didn't matter because they were there, and their guests were there, and the love was there, and the magic was there, and it filled that glasshouse to the brim and it was wonderful!

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