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If you've made it this far then you're probably interested in finding out a bit more information and you might have a few questions about how I work and what you can expect. Also you want to know if I'm the right photographer for you. These are answers to some of the questions that I get asked most commonly and also a few that you might ask yourself...

Is it just you or will there be someone else?
Generally it's just little old me, since I started out it's always just been me apart from the odd occasion when I might have a work experience student shadowing me, I will of course ask your permission before arranging for anyone to shadow me. I can however bring an experienced 2nd Shooter with me for the day to cover extra angles, get more candid shots while we're shooting portraits and also to spend time with the other half while they're getting ready. 

When do I need to book?
I only take bookings one year in advance at the moment due to the crazy fluctuation state of the economy.

My husband/ wife/ child/ relative HATES having their photograph taken and gurns uncontrollably when a camera is pointed at them, will you be able to get some good photos of them?
I am an expert at making people feel at ease about being photographed. Generally I shoot while you're not even looking, you haven't noticed me so you haven't had time to strike your best Chandler-esq grin. I will do my best to make you laugh, and I shoot on high burst (which means I take loads of photos constantly) it's always the moments before you're ready and after you think I've finished that I use. It's my job to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day.

We'd like to book you, what do we do now?
First please send me an email to check that I'm not already booked and tell me a bit about your wedding. If you're certain and you want to go ahead then all I need is a 30% deposit to secure the date. If you'd like to meet for a chat (online) first that's no problem, I work Monday to Thursday and am always happy to fit in after work hours if necessary.

What time will you come on the day?
This depends on which package you book but generally a couple of hours before your ceremony, but if you want me to come earlier just ask, you've booked the day and I'm all yours so if you're hairdresser is coming at 9am and you want shots of that just let me know. Not everyone wants the getting ready shots though so I'm happy to come along whenever you want me, you can choose where you place the hours of shooting that you've booked for your wedding, no problem. Hours must be continuous, I'm not able to accommodate split coverage.

What time will you leave on the day?
Again this depends on which package you book but with the Pretty Perfect option I generally stay until after the first dance and I do try to stay as long as I can especially if you'd like some beautiful sunset portraits or if the party is really kicking off I find it VERY hard to leave! However I generally have another full day of shooting/ editing the very next day and often a long drive home. More often than not I'll be around until 9 - 9:30 pm

What happens if you are ill and can't do it?
This is always going to be a worry, but you are as likely as me to get ill, as is your vicar/ spouse to be/ child/ grandma... BUT it would have to be rather serious for me to miss your wedding, I'm not going to call in sick with a headache. If the worst does happen I am part of an emergency cover group of photographers, they are a nationwide network of likeminded photographers who use each other for back up in case of emergency, so rest assured someone will be able to step in even if it's last minute. Now that I'm located on an island with the odd cancelled ferry here and there this is even more important and the reason why I'm only taking bookings on Mull this year.

Why can't I get hold of you on the phone?
Unfortunately I live in a mobile signal black hole so often I won't see that you've tried to call me, also when I'm shooting, I always turn off my phone so it's always better to email me or drop me a message

How many photos do you take and how many do I get?
I usually shoot between 2000 - 4000 at a typical wedding (depending on how many hours you book me for), after editing I generally hand over 600 -1000 beautiful edited images (depending on which package you book). The rest you wouldn't want to see, they are usually blinky, blurry, photobommed, duplicates of all the nice shots

How long will all the formal shots take?
That's very much up to you, if you want loads it will take longer. I always suggest that you keep them to a minimum but do make sure you ask for any specific shots with specific people and remember I don't know who they are so make sure you point them out to me. Ideally I'd advise to keep formal group shots to about 10-12 as it can take a lot of time out of your day and people get really bored! 10 - 12 usually takes about 15 - 20 mins tops. If you'd like to do a bit of a shoot with just the two of you (which I would highly recommend) add another 15 mins to that for us to sidle off somewhere pretty and have a breather.

How long before I get my photos?
Anywhere between 3 and 5 weeks usually depending on how busy I am at that time. I'll often put a preview on my website or on my facebook page and pop you a few teaser images the week or so after your wedding

You can Photoshop that, right?
Maybe... I get asked this a lot, for anyone who doesn't know how to use Photoshop, it's actually harder than you think and there isn't just a magic button that will delete your aunties hand from in front of your face on the confetti shots or remove the ugly fire safety label from the otherwise beautiful hotel wall. However I want all of your images to be perfect so I will remove obvious spots, flyaway hairs and sometimes annoying signs, imperfections and things like that. I also know that everybody wants to look beautiful on their wedding day so I do do the odd bit of air brushing on occasion and nip off the odd bit of back fat... nobody likes backfat...

Can you do that thing where everything is black & white and the roses are red?
Yes I can, but no I won't. I have my own creative style and although I tailor my editing to reflect your style and they style of your wedding I'll still always be true to my own artistic eye and aesthetic principals and hopefully you would like to book me because you like my work and not just because I'm the cheapest/ nearest/ only photographer available.

Do we need to feed you?
Yes please. I'll eat when you eat (nobody likes being photographed while eating) and it's important that you make sure I get to eat at the same time as you and your guests or I might not be ready to go again for the speeches. Shooting a wedding is hard graft and a long day of being on my feet so I do ask that I'm provided a meal and a proper break in order to refuel and recharge (myself and my actual batteries) plus up here there's hardly a costa I can nip to...

Am I the right photographer for you?
That's up to you. If you're a laid back easygoing couple who want someone to document their day with an artistic eye and create some dreamy portraits then maybe I am. If you love vintage styling, festivals, glitter, gin, animals (especially dogs), crazy dancing, folky music, handmade crafty creations, thrift shops, flowers in your hair and rolling around in meadows at sunset then I'm your gal x

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