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Best of Wedding Photography 2017 | Kindred Photography

I always love sitting down at the end of a year and going through everything that we've shot over the previous 12 months, there's so much that you forget as the year passes as you're always so focused on the wedding that you're currently shooting or editing. I've met some lovely people this year, I've cried (a lot) there have been some very, very sad moments and some really truly uplifting ones. There's been a lot of love and lot of joy, a lot of food and a lot of fizz! I know everyone that works in this industry says this, but it really genuinely is an honour to be invited into peoples lives, to get so close to them, their friends and their families on such intensely emotional days. I don't think there's another job like it! This is my 3rd full time year as a Wedding Photographer and sometimes I get asked if I get a bit bored of going to weddings every weekend. Ummmm NO! I'm not sure how I could, each and every one is different and how could you actually get bored of spending your time with really happy people doing lovely things, looking really dapper consuming tasty food and drinks?

It's taken me a good few days to pull this selection of images together, first up are my favourites that I've shot myself followed by a selection from Kindred Associates Priscilla & Danni. Some of the frames have been firm favourites from the moment they were shot and some I've rediscovered as I've poured back through the 30k+ images we've delivered to folk this year.

I've been to some beautiful places this year and was lucky enough to be invited over to Lapland to speak at the photography workshop Bujaka back in October. Next year I'm teaching at Snap Photo Festival which I cannot wait for! I've expanded the team with the addition of Michelle, our Social Media & Admin Assistant and moved into our new premises, The Courtyard Studio, at the lovely Beehive Works. I have some pretty big plans for 2018, and because of these I'll only be taking on a very limited number of weddings so get yourself booked in early.

Big thanks to all our lovely clients from 2017, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a lovely relaxing break from work

Cheers 2017!!!



Sheffield wedding photography
Kindred wedding photography
Wedding Photographer Sheffield
Sheffield Wedding Photographer

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Sheffield Wedding Photography

Yellow Arch Wedding Sheffield

Wedding Photography Sheffield

Yellow Arch Wedding Sheffield

Flower Girl

Sheffield Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Yorkshire

A few from Associate Photographers Priscilla & Danni

You can book these guys either as 2nd photographers for your wedding day to work with Shelley or individually if Shelley is already booked head over to the TEAM page to see their full portfolios